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Here at LEAP we’re all about making improvements. We’re keen to help our clients get ahead too, and that’s not just about providing them with great software that helps them run their law practice more efficiently.

It’s also about helping them improve their online presence with their free LEAP Website.
Better websites, more visitors, more work coming in through the door. That’s the win we’re after.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Have you checked how your website looks on a mobile phone? Unless it was built recently, there’s a good chance that it’s not mobile friendly and that’s a big problem now that mobile represents 65% … [Read More...]

Can your website handle your success?

What would happen if thousands of people visited your website all at once? Would it handle the traffic, or would it crash like the website did when voters overwhelmed the site before the … [Read More...]

New feature: Live Chat

How many people are visiting your website, but not bringing their business to you? Imagine if your office ran the same way as your website: open to the general public at all hours but completely … [Read More...]

More than 1300 LEAP websites launched

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